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What If The Top Pitmasters Revealed Their Best Techniques On How To 
Smoke JUICY, Flavorful Meats?
- The 30 Most Crucial Pitmaster Techniques

- 300+ Step-by-Step Recipes

- Learn To Smoke Meat Like A Pitmaster In 30 Days

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Do you want to desire to cook like a pitmaster?

Can you look at any row of meats and instantly identify the flavorful and tender cuts from the bad ones?

When you pick up a piece of meat, does a map activate in your head and lead you to perfect results?

Can you amplify the natural flavor of meat with just salt?

Can you make cheap cuts of meat taste exquisite?
TECHNIQUE #1 -- Are You Able To Cook Smoked Meats That Are Tender, Juicy & Flavorful?
TECHNIQUE #2 -- Do You Know How To Identify The Best Cuts Of Meat?
TECHNIQUE #3 -- Can You Get A Smoker Or Grill To The EXACT Temperature Required?
Eating Flavorless, Dry Meat Is A Sin. 
Are you committing the following BBQ blasphemy?
  • ​Wasting precious meat & money
  • ​Dry, overcooked or burned meat
  • ​Getting moist meat (brisket, chicken, pork, etc.) 
  • ​Unable to get rich crusty bark
  • ​Not getting perfect thin blue smoke
  •  Ribs don't fall off the bone
  •  Can't maintain heat, fire or smoke
  •  Too many flare ups
  •  Pairing natural woods with meat
  •  Reusing the same rubs & sauces every time
  •  Ruining parties with bad barbecue
The Secret To Great BBQ Is...
If you believe that all you need is a magic ingredient, special sauce, or secret temperature that will make your barbecue taste like heaven, then this book is not for you.

The only secret to great BBQ is the passion to keep improving your recipe and technique over time. All great chefs know this, and that is why everything they touch tastes incredible.
You’re about to discover a simple barbecue cooking method that focuses on TECHNIQUE that will improve everything about the meat and veggies you cook from now on….forever!
In this brand new book, you’ll discover: 
Part 1: How To Buy The Best Cuts Of Meat
How To Select & Buy The Best Cuts Of Meat
  • The Seven Step Method To Inspecting Meat
  • ​Building A Relationship With Your Butcher
  • ​How To Always Buy The Best Cuts Of Meat
How To Prepare World-Class Meat
  • The Science Of Applying Rubs
  • ​When To Use Sauces & Mops
  • ​The Marriage Of Meat & Spices
  • ​The Proper Method To Aging Beef (Dry vs Wet Aging)
How To Prepare Your Cooker
  • How To Select The Best Fuel Source
  • ​Selecting Woodchips For Flavor
  • ​Getting Perfect Thin Blue Smoke 
Part 2: 15 Cooking Techniques To Master
Basic Cooking Techniques
  • When To Cook Low & Slow or Hot & Fast
  • ​Indirect Grilling 
  • ​Direct Grilling
     Two-Zone Grilling
  • ​Searing or Browning
  • ​Reverse Sear
Intermediate Cooking Techniques
  • Crisping Chicken Skin
  • ​Getting Perfect Bark
  • ​Plank Smoking/Grilling
  • ​Dutch Oven Cooking
  • ​Cold Smoking
  • ​ Aluminum Foil Method ("The Texas Crutch", or "3-2-1 Method")
Advanced Cooking Techniques
  • Mastering Consistent Temperature Control
  • ​Smo-frying
  • ​Sous Vide, Then Smoke
Part 3 : How To Rest, Carve & Present World-Class BBQ
  • The Right Way To Rest Meats
  • ​Carving and Slicing
  • ​World Class Presentation Techniques
  • ​Cleaning Your Cooker Thoroughly
  • ​Freezing, Thawing, and Storing Cooked Meats
    Featuring 350 Classic & New Recipes
    • Fresh homemade rubs & sauces
    • ​Beef
    • ​Pork
    • ​Poultry
    • ​Seafood
    • ​Sides
    • ​Cold Smoking Recipes
    • ​Smoked Cocktails
    • ​Dutch Oven Recipes
    • ​Desserts
      So basically, this book will teach you to smoke and grill meat like a pitmaster
      •  Master basic techniques like dry & wet brining, indirect and direct grilling, searing, carving, resting, how to buy the best cuts of meat, smoking vs grilling
      • Master intermediate to advanced techniques like the proper method to inspecting meat, 2-zone grilling, reverse searing, smofrying, cold smoking, sous vide smoking, presentation and plating
      •  Learn how to get the heat up in your grill or smoker​and make it stay hot 
      •  How to amplify the flavors and textures​of your smoked and grill meats
      •  A Meat Rating Guide that will rates every cut of meat on its flavor, tenderness, price, characteristics, and recommended cooking methods.
      •  The PROPER kind of smoke you should be looking for when smoking meat. Black and gray smoke is a result of oxygen deprivation -- it can make your food taste bitter and nasty, kind of like an ashtray. Billowing white smoke appears as a thick cloud and is also not the kind of smoke you want to cook with. 
      • How to cook multiple large cuts of meat. When cooking large meats like brisket, the internal temperature will quickly rise for the first two or three hours and then stop going up. This is called the “Stall Zone” and sometimes can last up to six hours! Learn a simple technique that the pros use to get past this. 
      •  300+ Step-by-Step Smoking & Grilling Recipes
      •  Recipes you cannot find anywhere else like Smoked Manhattan or Smoked Bloody Mary
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      30 Pitmaster Techniques (Basic to advanced techniques)
      300+ Step by Step Recipes 
      Comprehensive Meat Buying Guide (How Pitmasters inspect meat and buy the best cuts every time)
      Fresh Rubs & Sauces Guide (How to create new flavors that complement meats)
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